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We are proud to be working with Natural Capital Partners to make this event 

CarbonNeutral®This means that the emissions produced from heating, lighting, waste, supplier and organiser travel have been balanced out by supporting carbon finance projects which reduce the equivalent amount of CO2

Carbon Neutral Event Certificate: BCO Annual Conference 2019

CarbonNeutral® is the registered trademark of Natural Capital Partners and is a global standard to certify that businesses are able to report net zero emissions for their company, product, operations or services in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. Natural Capital Partners (formerly The CarbonNeutral Company) was founded in 1997 and has offices in London and New York.

This year, the BCO Annual Conference is supporting the Sub-Saharan Africa: Water Infrastructure project

Sub-Saharan Africa: Water Infrastructure project

Nearly a billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. This Gold Standard project, based primarily in Uganda and Malawi, provides clean drinking water to small rural communities by repairing and drilling new boreholes. Boreholes can be used as water wells by installing a vertical pipe casing and well screen, which allows water to be extracted from the ground. By providing clean water, communities no longer need to purify water through boiling. This alleviates pressure on local forests – the predominant source of firewood – and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more about the project here