SOLD OUT - BREEAM is sorted, the world has signed a new climate deal, we know how to deliver sustainability statements for planning and the market is on the up and up. Job done and now onto the next challenge…

Start Date / Time 24 Nov 2016 08:00
End Date / Time 24 Nov 2016 14:00
Venue Arup, 8 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 4BQ
Category Environmental Sustainability & Energy
National Yes
Region London and the South East
Type Conference
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SOLD OUT - As with all things familiar; complacency is never far behind.

And the fact of the matter is that the industry has never faced a property landscape where the nature of demand is changing more rapidly, with even greater opportunities and challenges than ever before.

So what are the answers, what are the key emerging issues and how will we sustain value Beyond the New Normal?

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Guy Battle, SVP 

Alyssa Gilbert, Grantham Institute - Climate Change and Environment, Imperial College London

Fiona Cousins, Chair USGBC and Principal at Arup

Mark Eltringham, Insight Publishing/Workplace Insight

Richard Francis, The Monomoy Company

Juan Lafuente, Associate, Sturgis Carbon Profiling LLP

Marylis Ramos, PRP LLP

Sarah Ratcliffe, Better Buildings Partnership (BBP)

Paul Sheridan, CMS CameronMcKenna

Julian Sutherland, Cundall and Chairman of the UKGBC Performance Gap Task Group     

Matt Webster, British Land

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08:00 REGISTRATION with refreshments 


08:40 Beyond Climate Change - The Cost of Doing Nothing - Is it worth it?

Keynote Speaker: Alyssa Gilbert, Head of Policy & Translation, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London

Despite the agreement reached in Paris last year and soon to be signed, climate change is a reality with at least a 2deg C uplift locked into the system. There is still a chance to mitigate further warming but it is also clear that industry must now look at adaptation and those who don’t take appropriate action may be leaving themselves open to future claims of negligence.

During this session we will hear from keynote speaker Alyssa Gilbert (Grantham Institute) who was responsible for the ground breaking Stern Report, who will help us understand the scale of the problem and present the business case for action. Juan Lafuente (Sturgis Carbon Profiling LLP) will present a review of the latest RICS tool designed to identify climate risks and Paul Sheridan (Cameron McKenna) who will unpick some of the legal challenges and pitfalls awaiting those who do not act.

09:05 How to predict and manage climate risk using the new RICS Climate Tool 

Speaker: Juan Lafuente, Associate, Sturgis Carbon Profiling LLP

09:15 Climate Design – A matter of negligence?

Speaker: Paul Sheridan, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

09:25 Building Designer’s View

Speaker: David Richards, Director, Arup

09:35 Panel Discussion chaired by Guy Battle, Chief Executive, The Social Value Portal 


10:25 Beyond Productivity - Can buildings make you healthier?

Keynote Speaker: Richard Francis, Founder & Principal, The Monomoy Company

If buildings are not ‘well’, does this mean that they are sick, is it possible that coming to an office to work is healthier than staying at home, and is there a clear business case for investment into healthier buildings or is it just another fad to persuade occupiers that one building is better than another?

Richard Francis (Monomoy Company) a leading practitioner and researcher in the field will present some of his work including how to design healthier buildings and consumer insights, followed by 3 visions of the future presented by Mark Eltringham (Workplace Insight), Marylis Ramos (PRP Design) and Matt Webster (British Land) and a panel discussion chaired by Bill Hughes (Legal and General Investment Management). 

10:45 3 Visions of the Future of Office Design:

- Mark Eltringham, Publisher, Workplace Insight

- Marylis Ramos, Director, PRP LLP

- Matt Webster, Head of Wellbeing and Futureproofing, British Land

10:55 Panel Discussion chaired by Bill Hughes, Head of Real Assets, Legal & General Investment Management


12:00 Beyond Regulation

Why do buildings always seem to perform better on paper than in real life, how can we close the performance gap and what impact will the new Social Value Act have on the industry. These are all issues that will be covered in session 3 by Sarah Ratcliffe (Better Buildings Partnership), Julian Sutherland ( UK-GBC Delivering Building Performance Project Steering Group) and Guy Battle (The Social Value Portal) who will each present a case for rethinking regulation to improve office design. Paul King (Lendlease) will chair a discussion and unpick these opportunities for rethinking office design.

Understanding the Challenge – why do buildings perform so badly?

- Sarah Ratcliffe, Programme Director, Better Buildings Partnership

DECs - A Case for regulation?

- Julian Sutherland, Cundall, Chair, UK-GBC Delivering Building Performance Project Steering Group

Reimagining Section 106 – Time to put the community first. A BCO case study with Legal and General

- Guy Battle, Chief Executive, The Social Value Portal

12:20 Panel Discussion chaired by Paul King, Managing Director for Sustainability & External Affairs Europe, Lendlease

13:10 Beyond the New Normal: Letter from America

Keynote speaker: Fiona Cousins, Chair, US Green Building Council

13:35 Close and wrap up by Guy Battle, Chief Executive, The Social Value Portal 



Please note, cancellations for this event will no longer qualify for a refund, however substitute delegates will be accepted.