Technical briefing on next generation lighting and wireless control technology, followed a networking lunch, in partnership with The Scottish Optoelectronics Association, Wireless Innovation and The Carbon Trust.

Start Date / Time 22 Oct 2006 23:00
Venue The Lighthouse, Scotland's Centre for Architecture, Design and The City Glasgow G1 3NU
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Type Dinner
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Registration 11.30 for 12.00 start 

Saving 2 Billion barrels of oil a year
Solid-state light sources now being developed not only have the potential to provide significant energy savings, but also offer new opportunities for applications that go well beyond the lighting provided by conventional incandescent and fluorescent sources. The ability to control basic light properties — including spectral power distribution, polarisation, and color temperature — will allow “smart” light sources to adjust to specific environments and requirements and to undertake entirely new functions that are not possible with incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Solid-state sources potentially could cut in half the 22 percent of electricity now consumed by lighting. Traffic lights using LEDs, for example, use only one-tenth the power of signals using incandescent lamps. 

The Wireless Building
The prospect of short range wireless communication ridding our lives of unnecessary cabling has been with us through the advent of Bluetooth and to some extent WiFi. However Bluetooth never matched its initial hype in terms of producing more than a replacement for mobile phone headset cables. WiFi has found its niche in home networking of PCs. New technologies are now being promoted which offer potential solutions to very low power and/or very high data rate short range communication. These could potentially revolutionise the way we design our offices, workspace and homes

This briefing will be of interest to anyone who needs new solutions to minimising carbon based energy use. Photonics offers significant benefits in decreased power consumption in solid state lighting. Marry this to the novel wireless control technologies now available and a potential for highly efficient in-building systems could become a reality. This briefing examines these technologies and the opportunities for today’s planners, architects and designers to benefit from them.

Lunch from 13.00 to 14.00

· £30.00 plus VAT for BCO and SOA members and Wireless Innovation clients
· £40.00 plus VAT for guests and non members
Please make (as appropriate) cheques for £35.25 or £47.00 inc VAT payable to SOA Services Limited

2 Free of Charge workshops follow lunch, which you can also book your place at

Afternoon Workshops:

Technology Workshop A:
The Wireless Building
Short range wireless communication applied to future building design
Date: 23rd October, 2006
Venue: The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Registration from 14.00
Free of Charge – but numbers limited

Technology Workshop B: Further information attached
Photonics – Tomorrow’s Lighting
“Photonics and Energy Saving”
Date: 23rd October, 2006
Venue: The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Registration from 14.00
Free of Charge – but numbers limited

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