Shaping Tomorrow's Workplace...the truth and the opportunity

Start Date / Time 22 Mar 2006 
Venue Merrill Lynch Financial Centre, London
National No
Type Conference
Available to Non Members No


• What does the tomorrow’s workplace look like?
• What business benefits are being derived now?
• What do you need to do now to start to move your organisation to the future?
• What is the truth about workplace technologies like wireless, RFID and IP telephony and what part can they play?
• What behavioural barriers are companies finding to changing workplace culture and customs and how have they overcome them?
• What are the best triggers for change and how can you use these?

Hear the answers to these questions through a series of case studies from leading organisations that have started their journey to the future.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Workplace is a highly interactive conference for business leaders from all disciplines who want to play a leading part in actively shaping the way their organisations work and the workplaces that support them.

A series of ‘On the couch’ discussions and interactive tasks will be used to create a constructive dialogue to maximise learning and understanding.


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