The Broadcast Center and Media Centre buildings share a similar plan configuration with four arms of 18m deep floor space arranged around three atria.

Start Date / Time 23 Feb 2006 
Venue BBC Media Village, White City
National No
Type Tour
Available to Non Members No


TOUR                 9AM - 11AM

The atria are open to the office areas and contain staircases which provide direct circulation between floors. The arrangement is practical but also provocative, encouraging informal communication between departments. One face of each atrium is relatively open with glazed balustrades and a continuous walkway; the other is relatively enclosed, with timber panels providing privacy to working areas.

While the buildings required for the BBC's own use tend to face towards the centre of the site, additional buildings have been introduced on the perimeter to ensure that the surrounding streets are always addressed, creating a safe and friendly pedestrian environment. These buildings also fulfil other urban objectives, reinforcing the continuity of the street frontage and mediating between the scale of the new BBC buildings and that of the existing residential buildings that surround the White City site.

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