The Work-Life Agenda - Imperatives for organisations, location and office design

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The BCO launches its new research 'Getting it Together: The Work-life Agenda and Offices, at New London Architecture's exhibition: 'The Office - London's Workplace'

Start Date / Time 28 Sep 2006 
Venue NLA Gallery, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT
National No
Type Seminar
Available to Non Members No


NLAThe British Council for Offices and the Directors of New London Architecture invite you to 'The Work-Life Agenda- Imperatives for organisations, location and office design. This breakfast launch is part of the breakfast talk series for 'The Office - London's Workplace' which runs from September 6th - October 28th at the NLA Gallery.

Registration and Breakfast from 8am. Launch Seminar from 8:30am

Work-life balance is highly topical - in national policy, business and the media. This event is launching new research commissioned by the BCO on ‘Family friendly working’. This is the first review of work-life balance and the workplace.

Powerful factors are driving the new family friendly agenda: 

Changing demography: more women in the labour market, later and less parenting, more ageing – and the pensions crisis
Changing values: want young workers want in planning their lives
Workplace diversity
Global competition
Technology and virtual work.

The authors, Ziona Strelitz and Michael Edwards, present strong messages from the research: 

UK’s position in Europe is promoting the focus on equality and diversity, with a legislative link between equality and employment
Workplace practices are recognising all workers seeking flexibility and devolved time-management, not just those with responsibilities for young children and / or eldercare
Much workplace adaptation is organisational, drawing on a repertoire of arrangements for flexible working
But the location, design and management of workplace buildings offers important opportunities.

The research cites industry case studies showing effective strategies in meeting the work-life agenda and shaping the urban context and office design. 

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