This BCO Guide, published in 2006, seeks to bridge the gap between design and operation by providing information on all aspects of environmental management for use by designers, owners and building operators.

Publication Date 03 Oct 2006
Title BCO Guide to Environmental Management
Category Architecture & Interior Design, Construction, Engineering, Technical Services, QS & Cost Control, Development, Ownership & Investment, Environmental Sustainability & Energy, Occupier & Property Management
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Non Member Cost£48.00
Description The third in the series of BCO Guides, a set of practical, standard setting research publications, is a Best Practice Guide to Environmental Management. This latest BCO Guide advises on best practice in using natural resources efficiently and adopting measures to limit environmental impact. It is written for office designers, owners, operators and occupiers.

Environmental Management in offices goes beyond the functional office space and includes both construction and end of life. A key aim of this guide and the supporting work is to determine the requirements of environmental management from construction, through life and the end of the office.

This guide is not intended to cover all issues in great depth as there are many such environmental management guides available, rather it is intended to provide a route map for users highlighting the issues that need to be addressed and guidance on sources of information and processes. It is also intended that procedures and lessons learned from the case studies should be used to inform design.

The guide is illustrated throughout with best practice examples of environmental management in practice.

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