President's Award

This man has grit and determination talent and great foresight, he is energetic and resilient, intelligent and with the common touch, innovative and creative and brave but not foolhardy. He is a developer and creator of place. He is an articulate and punchy communicator. He has "controlled passion". If he was an Olympiad he would be a marathon runner.


Roger's achievements are manifold; but he would be the first to stress, in his typically self effacing way, how he has only achieved any of this because of, and with the full support of his team. Nevertheless we all know that you don't get teams to act supportively and synergistically without great talent in creating and sustaining the team.

He is Joint Chief Executive of Argent, he is Chairman of the Government Advisory Panel on Mixed Use Development, he is a Director of London First, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Architects, and a Board Member of the RIBA Trust. He is of course a longstanding member of the BCO and a Board Member.

Roger is now at the helm of the largest Central London regeneration for over 100 years and yet clearly seeing it not just as an opportunity for shareholder return but as an opportunity to make this an exemplar City Centre location. This is a position of which to be hugely proud and one which reflects the need for the creation of eclectic city communities and for being highly conscious of the need to be sustainable in approach to development and ongoing management of the completed real estate and public realm. This will be part of London not just some exclusive private gated estate.

Cutting his teeth on numerous scheme's in the (almost) 30 years of experience Roger and his colleagues are perhaps most renowned for regenerating a rundown area of Birmingham and creating Brindley Place. Manchester's Piccadilly is also now the beneficiary of these innovative ways.

Roger's personal achievement in the development industry is significant and his reputation within the industry is the envy of many. He is clearly making a mark and (many years hence of course) will leave a legacy of positive character, excellent real estate, new communities and environmental benefit.

When I met him in August for yet another personally delivered presentation of Kings Cross he was stressing to me the importance of children in the development. His logic was laser sharp about the difference it would make to have a place in London where children were prioritised and nurtured. The BCO is all about excellence in offices and with Roger we can be sure we will go much further in that endeavour. The BCO is proud to count him among their number and I have much pleasure in recognising his achievements in this way.

Nicholas Ridley
BCO President