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We have created the BCO mentoring programme to provide supportive relationships for our NextGen members, which will allow them to learn and develop in a relaxed environment. Launched in March 2019 the BCO mentoring programme, a legacy project from the Presidency of Katrina Kostic Samen, has held multiple in person and virtual events giving NextGen members the opportunities to meet and create connections with industry experts keen to mentor and advise. 

We will be running regular events across all regions which will allow you to meet up with the mentors in your area; alternatively, you can apply for a mentor at any timeYou will be able to find the list of mentors who have agreed to offer their time using the menu on the left. 

To apply for a BCO Mentor, please fill in this form and return to

How it works

Mentoring is free for BCO members

You can ask for a mentor at any time

Each pairing runs for at least a year, but can be extended

We recommend a meet up at least every quarter, but meeting frequency and length is completely down to you

The programme is led by the mentee, so it is down to you to get in touch with your assigned mentor


Benefits of mentoring

Building a network of expertise to draw on

Help with setting and achieving goals

Support for career and professional development

Support, encouragement and increased confidence

A safe sounding board outside their work colleagues

Gain independent feedback to enhance performance

Support to find solutions to challenges

Develop a greater understanding of the industry and an insight into what is needed to grow professionally within it


Alex Slatter 


'The BCO Mentoring Programme initially gave me the opportunity to hear the BCO Mentors discuss their own career paths and how they established themselves in the industry, as a start to the programme this was both motivating and interesting. Once I was assigned a mentor we would meet in person or over the phone every few weeks, here I could discuss my career aspirations and prospects with a professional outside of my specific sector, giving a fresh perspective on my career and non-biased advice. My Mentor advised me on how to better establish myself with my current employees, how to expand my network within the industry and overall built my confidence when meeting new and other industry professionals at management level.’

Alex Slatter, Associated Architects, BCO NextGen Midlands Committee Chair

Timothy Newcombe


'Sat in a digital room with all of the BCO mentors was an awe inspiring experience. Being exposed to such talent really started the drive within myself to integrate into the commercial sector to develop great projects and push the industry forward. My mentor has given me external and impartial advice throughout this year which has rapidly developed my understanding of how offices actually work, from concept to occupation. He has been able to share his contacts which I would otherwise have spent years obtaining, and this has led to many mornings expanding my network with countless coffees! Overall, I can truly say that the BCO Mentoring Programme has been the foundation stone of my career, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me.'

Timothy Newcombe, Cundall, BCO NextGen Graduate of the Year 2021


 Ross Jones      

'The BCO Mentoring Programme has provided a fantastic opportunity for me to discuss my career plans and aspirations with a mentor who is successful, experienced and highly respected within the Midlands and East Anglia region. Regular open and honest conversations with my mentor has provided me with invaluable advice and feedback to help me grow and develop the skills required to progress my career. The BCO Mentoring Programme has instilled additional confidence and optimism that has made an impact in my day to day role and my future career aspirations.'

Ross Jones, Quantem, BCO NextGen Midlands Committee Member