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Elevate Your Brand and Empower Future Leaders Through Sponsorship

By choosing to sponsor the BCO NextGen initiatives, you not only significantly amplify your brand's visibility within the BCO's extensive and influential network but also align your brand with a commitment to excellence and leadership development. This unique opportunity allows your brand to shine in a community rich with potential, connecting you directly with today's leaders and tomorrow's innovators in our field. Through your support, we recognise and develop talented individuals whose visions and achievements drive progress and innovation.

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BCO NextGen London & South East

Annual Sponsorship 2024NextGen London 2024 - Annual Sponsorship Opportunities 


The BCO NextGen London is broadening the horizon with the introduction of our Annual Sponsorship Brochure, encompassing the NG Awards 2024, the Ideas Competition 2024, and our newly launched Wellness Programme 2024.

This comprehensive package offers a unique opportunity for continuous engagement and visibility across our  flagship events, ensuring maximum exposure to a diverse and dynamic audience throughout the year.

NextGen Awards 2024NextGen Awards 2024 - Sponsorship Opportunities


The NextGen Awards were implemented in 2016 to highlight and celebrate the achievements of young professionals under the age of 35.

Now in their 9th year, the BCO NextGen Awards have evolved into a must-attend event for the BCO community, growing bigger and more sensational each year!

Don't miss the chance to skyrocket your influence while championing the future leaders of our industry. Joining this programme will not only elevate your organisation's standing but also unlock numerous advantages!

Ideas Competition 2024NextGen Ideas Competition 2024 - Sponsorship Opportunities


The BCO NextGen Ideas Project was redeveloped in 2022 into a completely reimagined iteration of our previous ‘Design Competition’.

At its core, this is an ideas generation competition - where we challenged BCO NextGen members to present their boldest, most innovative and creative ideas for the future workspace around the annual topics of focus for the BCO NextGen London committee.

The submissions for the project have surpassed expectations in quality, underscoring the immense effort and significance attached to this pivotal event.

BCO NextGen Scotland

 Annual Sponsorship 2024

NG Scotland Sponsorship 2024

The BCO NextGen Scotland have introduced an annual sponsorship package, offering a range of opportunities for engagement with NextGen events in Scotland. 

Partnership with BCO NextGen Scotland offers a unique opportunity for industry exposure, allowing you to reach a diverse audience of BCO members and position your organisation at the forefront of industry discussions and initiatives.