BCO Research Webinar: Thoughts on lift and escalator design and operation after Covid-19

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The Covid-19 virus has made us acutely aware of the role played by the built environment in protecting the health and wellbeing of its users and in doing so may have reset our approach to the future design and management of buildings.

Start Date / Time 11 Aug 2020 11:30
End Date / Time 11 Aug 2020 12:30
Venue Webinar
National Yes
Type Seminar
Available to Non Members No


Vertical transportation ( VT) is a vital service in any office building and particularly in tall buildings. The need for social distancing during the current pandemic has reduced the number of passengers that can use a lift car and may ultimately limit the occupancy of buildings. The readily available solutions to a reduction in lift capacity can be provided mainly by altering management procedures and the use of new technology, rather than radically changing the physical installation, because any changes need only apply during rarely-occurring pandemics.

This webinar discusses the impact of social distancing on vertical transportation. It considers some of the challenges and offers a range of mitigating factors such as the effectiveness of good ventilation as well as hygiene and management measures. It proposes solutions based on demand reduction and low cost amendments to installations and further develops the arguments put forward in the earlier BCO paper ‘Thoughts on Office Design and Operation after Covid-19’

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