BCO Scotland Webinar | 20 Minutes with Clive Bowman of Zero Waste Scotland

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A circular economy is about retaining the value of all products and materials for as long as possible.

Start Date / Time 23 Sep 2020 11:00
End Date / Time 23 Sep 2020 11:30
Venue Online Webinar
National No
Region Scotland
Type Seminar
Available to Non Members No


In its simplest from it is a closed loop system, reducing non-renewable raw material input, and minimising any ‘leakage’ of materials out of the system, but it can also be applied at a project or place making scale to deliver a broader range of environmental, economic and social benefits. At scale, it is an approach that needs to be designed and planned for, so we can move from our current limited value linear economy practices to a more holistic circular economy that meets the needs to society now and in the future.

Clive Bowman, of Zero Waste Scotland, will explain how a holistic circular economy approach to how we plan for, design, construct, maintain and replace all of our buildings and infrastructure can be delivered by simply following 10 core principles which he believes can be applied to all aspects of building design and placemaking activities.

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