The BCO Guide to Lighting has been written by leading lighting professionals practising in the office sector and provides guidance on how to specify good office lighting.

The world of lighting is currently going through some dramatic changes as there is a drive to reduce carbon emissions and lamp technology is evolving and changing at a fast pace.

The main message is to use daylight effectively and use artificial lighting only where and when it’s is needed. This objective also helps us to reduce the amount of energy consumed by lighting which is further helped by the new technology available in lighting.

This Guide is split into three sections: the first focuses on daylight and energy use, the second looks at the science and principles behind the lighting practice and the third gives examples and specific guidance for shell and core, Category A and Category B lighting solutions.

The Guide complements the BCO Guide to Specification.

"Good lighting is essential in an office. Few of us work well in poor light and it can have a big impact on productivity in the workplace."
Richard Kauntze, Chief Executive
British Council for Offices

1.0 Daylight and energy use
2.0 Visual comfort and performance
3.0 Shell and Core, Category A and Category B artificial lighting

BCO Guide to Lighting