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Once again, the BCO is setting the standard for knowledge in the office sector and has now strengthened its offer with the introduction of a course based on the 2014 edition of the BCO Guide to Specification.


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Introduction to the course

Based on the BCO Guide to Specification, this course provides participants with learning materials on the office development and occupation processes. It provides information on sustainability, engineering, building form, acoustics, fit out and finishes in the office sector.

Why take this course:

  • An improved depth and breadth of knowledge on innovations in the office sector in recent years.
  • The ability to speak the same language as office developers, owners and investors when it comes to the technical aspects of offices.
  • Access to the wealth of knowledge from over 90 professionals within the BCO who contributed to the writing of the BCO Guide to Specification.
  • A certificate from the BCO upon successful completion of the final assessment.


Who should study this course?

This course will benefit anyone involved with the commercial property sector who wishes to broaden their knowledge of the BCO Guide to Specification. The course is suited to participants who:

  • are new to the industry
  • wish to refresh their knowledge
  • want to gain a more holistic understanding of office specifications across the professions
  • are agency professionals looking to increase their knowledge of office specifications in order to market their property to its highest potential
  • wish to receive a one year digital licence to access the BCO Guide to Specification digitally as a reference document    

Please note: access to the digital Guide to Specification will be granted within 24 hours of your purchase (except where purchases are made on weekends or public holidays when access will be granted the next working day).


Learning outcomes

Having completed the course, you will:

  • have a good understanding of how offices can deliver productivity, good value for money and the prospect of being the best place to work
  • obtain a good working knowledge and understanding of the factors that need to be considered when specifying offices
  • gain an appreciation for the drivers which are changing office developments
  • recognise the contribution of the different professions to create a successful office development
  • develop an awareness of the benefits to occupiers of the various office design options
  • appreciate the decisions made during the office development process and their advantages to the office occupier
  • be able to provide a thought provoking appraisal in the context of future office design.


Course Structure

The course is delivered online and is made up of the text from the BCO Guide to Specification, with a brief self-assessment exercise at the end of each section and a final exam of 45 questions which can be taken twice if you are not successful on the first attempt.

You have one month to complete the course and a digital licence to access the Guide to Specification for one year.


Course Outline

1. Drivers for Change [Self-assessment questions]
2. Site Issues [Self-assessment questions] 
3. Building Form [Self-assessment questions]
4. Sustainability [Self-assessment questions]
5. Envelope [Self-assessment questions]
6. Engineering [Self-assessment questions] 
7. Vertical Transportation [Self-assessment questions] 
8. Acoustics [Self-assessment questions] 
9. Finishes, fit-out and building completion [Self-assessment questions] 
10. Building information modelling [Self-assessment questions]
11. Final exam [45 multiple choice questions]