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The Guide to Specification is the most recognised publication by the BCO. Its aim is to inform clients and their designers of how best to specify the performance of new workspace and to help industry practitioners provide office space that functions for occupiers and helps them to conduct their business in safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive workspaces.

Since the publication of the Guide to Specification in 2019, the office sector has been subject to unprecedented influences. The intention of this update to the BCO Guide Key Criteria is to reflect changes in design thinking over the last three years, taking in the climate crisis, the drive towards net zero carbon (NZC), COVID-19, moves to hybrid working, changes in regulations, and improvements in equipment performance.

Recognising the goal of NZC in operation and construction by 2050, new interim energy consumption targets have been introduced. These are aligned with the UKGBC NZC pathway. NZC targets will also drive a need for much closer cooperation between building owners, operators and occupiers.

Please read this position paper, join in the discussion, and help shape the next generation of offices. Please send your comments to mail@bco.org.uk

Publication Date 14 Jun 2022
Title BCO Guide To Specification Key Design Criteria Update 2022: A Position Paper
Category BCO Research & Policy
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