Those who belong to the neurodiversity community are currently underserved by and often unsupported in the current employment ecosystem. This study undertaken by Centric Lab and PLP Architecture examines the needs of the neurodiverse workforce.

To this end it is divided into four core sections: defining neurodiversity, the link between place and health, identifying the principles of an enabling work environment, and design insights for a work-enabling environment. It brings in research from the worlds of neuroscience, lived experience and design to create a holistic and ecological approach to the creation of enabling work environments. The intention has been to look at how neurodiversity, employment and office spaces intersect to enact health and social justice. Combining the insights of neuroscience and the expertise of design, it sets out new standards and recommendations and is intended as an introduction to
for those who are building and designing offices.

Publication Date 26 May 2022
Title Designing for Neurodiversity
Category BCO Research & Policy
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