The number of disputes in the UK construction industry has not yet reduced and partnering has still not been widely adopted in spite of the Government efforts. These are the key findings of major new survey's into contracts and legal issues undertaken by NBS.

These views are borne out by the fact that almost one quarter of those taking part in the survey had themselves been involved in a dispute during 2011. Most commonly, these disputes were between the client and the main contractor, with the primary causes being extension of time and valuation of variations.

The research also highlighted the ongoing use of bespoke contracts rather than standard forms. Although standard contracts are still used in the majority of cases, almost one quarter of projects undertaken by those quationed used bespoke documentation.

Undertaken by NBS with the help of the membership of morethan 20 industry bodies, the survey is the most wide-ranging independent review of contractual and legal issues throughout the industry to date. Those providing responses to the wide ranging questionaire include contractors and clients, as well as consultants.

Publication Date 31 Jul 2012
Title NBS Contracts & Law Survey 2012
Category BCO Research & Policy, Construction, Engineering, Technical Services, QS & Cost Control, Legal & Government Legislation
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