BCO members contributed to a survey of the UK construction industry by NBS, part of RIBA Enterprises, which revealed an increase in the number of disputes over the last 12 months.

Publication Date 13 Nov 2013
Title National Construction Contracts and Law Survey 2013
Category BCO Research & Policy
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Description This is the second year that the survey has been carried out and it received responses from more than 1000 people. It covers:

•Current procurement methods
•Which contracts people use, and how they use them
•The legal issues people face
•The nature and effects of disputs, and how people seek resolution
•The adoption of collaborative working, what hinders and what helps, and where Building Information Modelling fits with it

The use of BIM is becoming more widespread and there are signs that we are beginning to emerge from the recession.

It also found that disputes remain a real (and growing) issue for the industry with 30% of respondents having one or more contract entering into dispute int he last 12 months - a rise of 6% from the previous year. The perception is that the number of disputes is on the rise.