Resilient Workplace, Climate Change Risks and Opportunities – Executive Summary

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How our climate might change in the future is almost entirely dependent on current and future global carbon emissions.

Publication Date 28 May 2020
Title Resilient Workplace, Climate Change Risks and Opportunities – Executive Summary
Category BCO Research & Policy
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Description Policy, society, economics and technology all influence this, which makes predicting future climate impacts inherently uncertain. Instead, exploring a range of plausible climate change scenarios gives a better understanding of risks and appropriate adaptation options. These scenarios range from a world where emissions are rapidly reduced to meet global targets to one where there is little or no effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using scenario analysis to explore a range of possible outcomes, the report outlines how organisations can make informed decisions about how best to prepare for an uncertain future. The way in which buildings are designed and operated will be challenged by changes in climate. Resilience is no longer a choice, but a necessity and resilient organisations are those that acknowledge their role in mitigating climate change and are progressively working to minimise their impact. At the same time, they recognise that these risks are real and significant, and are adapting to climate change as part of a holistic sustainability strategy.