The Challenges for the Office Sector Over the Next Decade and Beyond

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This report analyses the challenges facing the office sector over the next decade and beyond and assesses their likely impact. The challenges include technological developments, future demand, the changing role of the office, environmental challenges etc.

Publication Date 01 May 2011
Title The Challenges For The Office Sector Over The Next Decade And Beyond
Category BCO Research & Policy
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Description The research team found that the way we work has changed greatly over recent years, as technological advances have given office occupiers more freedom over how and where they work. Outside the office, there have also been a number of changes, particularly in terms of sustainability legislation over recent years. The subject of sustainability has grown significantly in importance, and it appears that it will continue to grow in the future. Other factors considered in the report were planning legislation, the role of the public sector, consolidation of the public sector estate and the future of the regions in comparison with London.