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Sponsorship opportunities


The BCO’s events are widely attended by our broad membership. By sponsoring our events and awards, you will have an unrivalled opportunity to reach the full spectrum of the office sector and align your brand with our future-thinking approach. 

Brand exposure is not limited to the event itself; we provide opportunities to sponsor all elements pre-, during and post-event, from digital messaging to promotional materials and awards sponsorship.

Annual Conference sponsorship

Each year, our Annual Conference brings members together from across the UK. They are drawn by a curated programme of expert speakers and opportunities to network.

Sponsoring the event provides an opportunity to put your brand in front of those working across the full lifecycle of office development and management. 

Speak to our team about sponsorship opportunities.

Awards Sponsorship

The BCO’s annual awards scheme and ceremonies are celebrated by all our members. Regional awards lead to our annual awards ceremony in London attended by 1,200 property professionals. 

This programme of events gives sponsors the opportunity to target the element of the office sector you’re most keen to reach. Brand exposure includes pre-event coverage, exposure on the BCO website and logos on all awards collateral. 

Speak to our team about the packages available.

NextGen sponsorship

The BCO holds a range of NextGen initiatives aligned with our commitment to develop the office industry’s future leaders. These include competitions and networking events. 

Sponsoring these activities provides an opportunity to align your brand with our dedication to the next generation of leaders. You will be able to connect not only with young BCO members but those in the industry keen to support their innovations. 

Speak to our sponsorship team to find out more about upcoming opportunities.

If you'd like to speak to us about getting involved in an event, hosting a tour or sponsorship, please get in touch

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The BCO is run by a series of committees covering research, the regions, our awards programme and the next generation.
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The BCO champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, broadening the office sector and promoting participation from all backgrounds.
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The BCO is dedicated to supporting its members' mental health and wellbeing by providing links to sources of support through networks regionally and centrally. 
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June 27, 2024
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British Council for Offices Chief Executive Richard Kauntze to step down in summer 2025

After soon-to-be 25 years of serving as Chief Executive for the British Council for Offices, Richard Kauntze will be stepping down in summer 2025.
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June 27, 2024
By BCO Media

Peter Crowther appointed President of the British Council for Offices

Peter Crowther, Co-Founder at HERE, has been elected President of the British Council for Offices (BCO) with immediate effect, following yesterday’s BCO annual general meeting.
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June 07, 2024
By BCO Media

Results for the BCO Conference Photography Competition – Birmingham 2024

BCO Conference Photography Competition results!
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