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The BCO has created a dedicated programme to support the younger generation as they enter the office sector.

BCO NextGen

We want to provide opportunities to build your knowledge and instigate change. By joining as a NextGen member, you will build your network across the UK as you progress in your career.

To join our NextGen programme, you must be aged under 35. All NextGen members have access to the same membership benefits as full members, at a discounted rate.

“The BCO Mentoring Programme initially gave me the opportunity to hear the BCO Mentors discuss their own career paths and how they established themselves in the industry. As a start to the programme this was both motivating and interesting.

“Once I was assigned a mentor we would meet in person or over the phone every few weeks. Here I could discuss my career aspirations and prospects with a professional outside of my specific sector, giving a fresh perspective on my career and unbiased advice.

“My Mentor advised me on how to better establish myself with my current employees, how to expand my network within the industry and overall built my confidence when meeting new and other industry professionals at management level.”

Alex Slatter, Associated Architects, BCO NextGen Midlands Committee Chair


The BCO mentoring programme provides a supportive relationship to help our NextGen members learn and develop. Mentoring provides a safe space to explore career development, set goals and gain independent feedback on how to respond to challenges.

Mentoring is free and you can apply for a mentor at any time. We regularly hold regional in-person and virtual events to introduce members to industry experts who have committed to becoming a mentor. How often you meet is up to you, but we recommend a meet-up at least every quarter.

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