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The BCO is the leading forum for the UK’s office sector. When it comes to policy, we present our members’ views to local, regional and national government organisations. Our mission is to lead the debate on office issues and play an active part in debates.

The BCO’s position on policies are supported by our active research programme. Though the BCO is not a lobbying organisation, our committees produce evidence-based responses to policy developments, communicated effectively to government departments and select committees.

BCO members are particularly interested in the following policy areas:

  • Business rates
  • Building regulations
  • Code for commercial leases
  • Energy efficiency and energy performance standards
  • Health and safety
  • Land use and planning
  • Ownership and investment concerns related to the office market including real estate investment trusts
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable construction
  • Upward only rent reviews
  • Urban regeneration and regional development policy
  • Work/life balance

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Through its committee members, the BCO is represented on and engaged with the following organisations and their initiatives:


The BCO is a founding member of the Property Industry Alliance (PIA), which brings together the views of seven leading property organisations:

  • British Council for Offices
  • Association of Real Estate Funds
  • British Property Federation
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance Council Europe
  • Investment Property Forum
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Urban Land Institute

The BCO is an active member of the PIA and is involved in joint ESG and
research initiatives.


The BCO is run by a series of committees covering research, the regions, our awards programme and the next generation.
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The BCO champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, broadening the office sector and promoting participation from all backgrounds.
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As one of the premier award ceremonies in the UK property calendar the BCO Awards delivers real value to its sponsors.
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The BCO is dedicated to supporting its members' mental health and wellbeing by providing links to sources of support through networks regionally and centrally. 
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Latest news

June 27, 2024
By BCO Media

British Council for Offices Chief Executive Richard Kauntze to step down in summer 2025

After soon-to-be 25 years of serving as Chief Executive for the British Council for Offices, Richard Kauntze will be stepping down in summer 2025.
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June 27, 2024
By BCO Media

Peter Crowther appointed President of the British Council for Offices

Peter Crowther, Co-Founder at HERE, has been elected President of the British Council for Offices (BCO) with immediate effect, following yesterday’s BCO annual general meeting.
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June 07, 2024
By BCO Media

Results for the BCO Conference Photography Competition – Birmingham 2024

BCO Conference Photography Competition results!
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