BCO NextGen Midlands & East Anglia: Virtual Mentoring Event

Join us on Thursday 28 January to learn more about the Midlands & East Anglia mentors and our mentoring relaunch. Attendees will be joined by a series of local industry experts keen to mentor the next generation. During our mentoring event we want to showcase what the mentors can offer you, and what each of their specialities are. So join us to get to know your mentors!

Following the session you will have the opportunity to request your preferred mentor.

Please be aware, if you have been made redundant as a consequence of the current situation you are currently able to maintain your membership at no charge until you secure a new position. Please email membership@bco.org.uk for more details.

  • Dates : 28/01/2021 - 28/01/2021
  • Times : 16:30:00 - 18:00:00
  • Venus : Webinar
  • National : No
  • Region : Midlands
  • Available to non members : Yes