BCO Research Launch: Evaluation of the Government Hubs Programme – Year 4 Final Report

The Government Hubs Programme, within the Government Property Agency (GPA), works with departments to support the transformation of the Government Estate. The British Council for Offices (BCO) identified a major opportunity for its members and the providers and occupiers of corporate workspace to learn from this transformation programme by commissioning a multi-year research project to evaluate the programme and capture practical lessons and success stories for the wider industry on the implications and approach to estate transformation.
The Hubs have been delivered in phases. HMRC, the main occupier, is delivering Phase 1, and the hubs in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Croydon, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and Stratford (London) form part of HMRC’s transformation from around 170 HMRC offices into 13 regional centres.

This final report has evaluated two case studies from Phase 1 of the Hubs providing a perspective on learnings in occupation from Croydon and learnings in design and delivery from Liverpool. The report has delved further into the impacts of Covid-19 on ways of working, creating an effective team and how to design sustainable, inclusive spaces for everyone.

Through digital technology, flexible spaces and empathetic, adaptable ways of working, the Hubs blueprint is expected to offer a great place to work for the Civil Service, meeting the needs of its employees, and wider stakeholders, in a constantly changing climate.

Join us on 22 February to discuss the key points of the findings.

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