BCO Technical tour – 107 Cheapside, London (FULLY BOOKED)

http://www.bco.org.uk/uploaded/_8_8_9_JRA_Cheapside_16.jpgAlmost 30% additional floor space has been added to the existing building providing 19,565sq m of offices and 2,828sq m of retail space. The extensions and internal remodelling results in rational, fully serviced office floors organised around a central atrium to provide flexible office space capable of subdivision for up to four tenants per floor.

A significant challenge has been the integration of air conditioning and raised floors within the existing 3.2m floor to floor heights; this has been achieved through selective structural alterations, including beam strengthening so that the beam depths have been reduced to provide a floor to ceiling height of over 2.5m. This development is an example of what can be achieved with potentially obsolete office buildings of the 1950’s era.

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http://www.bco.org.uk/uploaded/ORG_jra_red_web_.jpg17:00  Registration
17:15  Presentation on the project from
           Benedict Wallbank, John Robertson Architects
           Steve Cooke, Roger Preston & Partners
           Tyrone Bowen, Scott Wilson
17:40  Tour
18:30  Drinks & networking
19:00  Event close



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  • Dates : 03/12/2009 - 29/03/2024
  • Times : 00:00:00 - 15:36:30
  • Venus : BCO Technical tour - 107 Cheapside, London (FULLY BOOKED)
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  • Available to non members : Yes