The Carbon Problem – why are we looking at only half the story?

  • Are wind turbines a big mistake?
  • Are planes a better carbon bet than trains?
  • Are EPCs and DECs out of date?
  • Do you know how much carbon it took to make your building?
  • Are those sun control louvers reducing carbon use or increasing it?
  • Existing buildings are a carbon resource, but how much?

This will explain what embodied carbon is all about, and how it relates to operational carbon use. We will discuss why this matters, and how a proper, total carbon picture enables buildings to be sensibly compared.

The presentations at this seminar will be followed by an open discussion chaired by Paul Edwards.

Speakers: Paul Edwards, Hammerson (chair); John Connaughton, Davis Langdon
and Simon Sturgis, Sturgis Associates

This event is open to BCO members only and will take place from 17.00 – 19.00. Book online or by downloading the booking form below.

  • Dates : 19/04/2010 - 29/03/2024
  • Times : 23:00:00 - 15:38:14
  • Venus : Davis Langdon, MidCity Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6QS
  • National : No
  • Available to non members : Yes