Workplace Week

Workplace Week logoMost people spend well over 50% of their working week in the workplace. Great workplaces combine a mixture of technology, design, and innovative work practices, to create efficient, vibrant and sustainable working practices and places for people to be most productive. Workplace Week exists to draw public attention to the best in workplace innovation against a context of evolving technologies and models for work.

Organised by Advanced Workplace Associates and generously supported by The British Institute for Facilities Management (BIFM), the British Council for Offices (BCO), CORENET Global (UK) and the British Computer Society (BCS), Workplace Week consists of:

  • Short visits to some of the most innovative workplaces in the UK. Last year visits included Cisco, Lloyds of London, Microsoft, Nationwide Building Society, Standard Life, BBC and Unilever.
  • The Big Workplace Convention: Life, work and place in 2020. This conference will take place on Wednesday 9th November at KPMG’s Canary Wharf Auditorium…. click here to learn more and book.
  • The "Workplace through the lens" photographic competition and exhibition.

Cost to attend
All events request a donation to attend. All donations go directly to Children in Need via the Workplace Week Virgin Money website. Suggested donations are:

£25    to attend a building visit
£125  per place at "The Big Workplace Convention"

Click here to visit the Workplace Week website.

  • Dates : 07/11/2011 - 29/03/2024
  • Times : 00:00:00 - 15:38:33
  • Venus : visit the Workplace Week website for full details
  • National : No
  • Available to non members : No
  • Members price : £125
  • Non member price : £125