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Integrating Social Value in Development – Build back better, fairer, greener

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This paper considers key issues that need consideration, including:

• Stakeholder engagement. Developers will need to ensure that they not only engage with but also respond to community needs.

• Real community benefits. Developers will need to look at how they can make a real and lasting contribution to the communities in which they are working, including how the new occupiers may be bound to engage.

• Greater transparency and accountability. Local authorities are going to be held more accountable for the decisions they make around planning, and developers and owners will need to consider how they will support the planners by being more transparent in the delivery of their social value proposals.

The Social Value Act has transformed the relationship between the public sector and its suppliers by making it possible for public sector buyers to select supply partners not only on price but also on the social value they bring to the contract. This imperative is likely to grow even more as communities look to rebuild themselves after the COVID-19 outbreak and a number of local authorities have already been extending the principles of social value into the planning process