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The Future of Business Parks

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It is within this context that the BCO research paper asks the question what is the future of business parks? It sets out four observable future typologies that will continue to emerge as the business parks evolve. The speed of evolution will depend on individual park’s willingness to invest and adapt. The report identifies the drivers behind emerging trends, explores the potential cost of transformation and the actions necessary to take advantage of market evolution.

Business parks were a highly favoured investment sector in the 1980s and 1990s. However, in recent years they have fallen out of favour with investors and to some degree with occupiers too. This has been fuelled to some extent by a movement back to central city locations by both occupiers and residents as Britain’s city centres have experienced considerable regeneration and have become much more attractive places to live and work. Consequently, the future of business parks is looking more challenged, with many starting to suffer from obsolescence.