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Ventilation in offices

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This study of office ventilation systems gauges the current level of satisfaction with ventilation systems from the perspective of the user. A survey questionnaire was distributed to BCO members for their views. Whilst natural ventilation is best in terms of sustainability, it did not result in higher satisfaction levels amongst office occupiers. The application of hybrid systems which combine natural and mechanical ventilation with the benefits of energy savings and greater control is seen as the way forward.

A review of the main types of ventilation currently in use in offices.

It has been reported that the UK government will fail to meet the energy-reduction targets made for 2020. For energy developments to progress, the application of hybrid systems that combine energy and beneficial attributes of natural ventilation, must be widely advertised by the UK commercial building stock market. Commercial buildings account for 45% of all energy consumption and 35% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. The recognition of this growing percentage has opened debate for the potential changes that could be made, to improve office ventilation systems.