Future of Property in 60 Seconds

INTERESTED IN PRESENTING?Future of Prop in 60 Seconds
If you would like to be considered, please submit the title of your presentation and a one line summary to events@bco.org.uk by 12 noon on Friday 14 May 2010.

BE WARNED – your time limit of 60 seconds is not flexible and any blatant sales pitches will be stopped. We don’t have facilities for PowerPoint slides but a flip chart and markers will be on on hand and we encourage you to bring any props or designs to assist your presentation.

This event is free to all. Please register for your place online by clicking on BOOK NOW.

DATE     Wednesday 26 May
TIME      19.30
VENUE   The Square Pig, 32-33 Proctor Street, London WC1R 4QG

The presentations will be followed by an opportunity to take part in speed networking. Registration for speed networking will take place on the day. A cash bar will be available at the pub.

Forward to a friend – download the flyer below and send it on.

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  • Dates : 25/05/2010 - 29/03/2024
  • Times : 23:00:00 - 15:37:02
  • Venus : The Square Pig, 32-33 Proctor Street, London WC1R 4QG
  • National : No
  • Available to non members : No